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About Us

Our Values

At the Rodriguez-Albizu Group we believe that it is important to live life with joy and enthusiasm, and view one’s future with hope and optimism in order to achieve our personal and professional goals. We believe that the process of helping others through psychotherapy and counseling involves a trusting and caring relationship characterized by empathy and positive regard. It allows individuals, couples and families to explore their thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and behaviors in a safe environment, also knowing that their confidentiality will be protected. As strong believers in life wellness and positive psychology, our goal is to help clients understand their strengths and virtues, allowing them to live more complete and fulfilling lives.

Understanding the vital connection between the mind and body, we also offer a variety of wellness services, including stress management for your personal and professional life, personal, relationship and executive coaching, communication enhancement skills, and leadership training and development, geared at helping individuals experiencing everyday problems which impact their quality of life. Drawing from our experience in the field of psychology, as well as our management background, we provide a supportive process for facilitating change through self-discovery and the exploration of possibilities. We assist clients in gaining a new perspective on their world, leading to a more productive and satisfying life.

To this end, we offer an array of psychological, counseling, and neuropsychological services, using evidence-based treatment approaches. With over 30 years of combined experience, our professionals are dedicated to helping clients enhance their strengths and overall health.

We also believe that professional services should be affordable, confidential, and conducted in a comfortable, pleasing and relaxing environment. Our facilities are clean, colorful and modern, including individual workstations in the reception area, a complimentary coffee bar, and a beautiful ocean view.

Our Mission

The mission of the Rodriguez-Albizu Group is to improve the health and well-being of individuals. We offer a broad range of clinical, counseling and coaching services provided to assure client safety, superior outcomes and the highest levels of satisfaction. Through our compassionate services, we seek to empower our clients, helping them lead happier and more fulfilling lives.

Our Vision

The Rodriguez-Albizu Group will be a preeminent mental health and coaching services provider in the communities we serve; the organization that people instinctively turn to for their mental and relational health.

Learn more about our Team

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