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The Rodriguez-Albizu Group provides quality psychological, counseling and coaching services.  We help you in developing  practical, tailored solutions for your personal and professional success in tackling your most difficult issues and serious challenges.

The Rodriguez-Albizu Group has extensive experience in the fields of psychology, relationship and family counseling, as well as life and executive coaching. We believe that it is important to live life with joy and enthusiasm, and view one’s future with hope and optimism in order to achieve our personal and professional goals. As strong believers in life wellness and positive psychology, our goal is to help clients understand their strengths and virtues, allowing them to live a more complete and fulfilling life.

Contact us to for a Free Consultation to learn more about how the Rodriguez-Albizu Group can help.

Media & Interviews
Dr. Teresa Albizu and Dr. Gerardo Rodriguez are available for media appearances and interviews.  Please contact us via phone, email or by using the contact form below.

Rodriguez-Albizu Group, Inc.
P.O Box 561853
Miami, FL 33256
Phone: (305) 525-3627
Email: info@rapinnaclegroup.com



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