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Relationship Counseling & Coaching

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Often, people seeking psychological services do not have a diagnosable mental disorder. Rather, they are people who are experiencing and working through the normal challenges of the life cycle in pursuing a happy and fulfilling life. While relationship counseling, life coaching, and executive coaching have become a popular trend in today’s society, the public consumer should be careful in selecting a qualified individual to provide these services. Our professionals are licensed practitioners and/or professionals who have obtained graduate degrees in psychology requiring supervised clinical training, and possess considerable experience in the mental health field.

The following professional services are offered to persons who are not seeking treatment for a diagnosable mental disorder(s), but seeking to receive guidance in phase of life issues or specific relational challenges. Therefore, please note that the following services do not constitute the practice of Psychology, Mental Health Counseling, Marriage/Couples and Family Therapy, or Clinical Social Work. However, clients may be referred for psychological services in addition to coaching, or in place of coaching, as appropriate.

Relationship Counseling

In a relationship driven world, this process aims at helping clients improve their interpersonal relationships, including with self, partners, spouses, children, family members, friends and colleagues. We relate to others in almost every aspect of our lives. Our relationships serve as a great source of strength, and hence, when we encounter relationship difficulties, we tend to feel a deep sense of discomfort to the point of excessive worry. Relationship counseling relies on different methods to identify specific challenges, their impact in our lives, and the strategies and skills in achieving a more fulfilling life experience. One of the biggest mistakes that couples with challenges face, is that they often wait too long to seek help.

Common difficulties in relationships include:


Lack of Affection

Problem-Solving Communication

Sexual Dissatisfaction

Time Togetherness

Financial Worries

Incompatible Child Rearing Practices

Life Coaching

Life is full of challenges, many of which are positive and some that present some specific obstacles and complications (or at least we perceive them as such). Life coaches use multiple methods that will help clients with the process of setting and reaching goals, by helping clients to challenge themselves, get a deeper sense of self awareness and self management, and support them in realizing a happier and fulfilling life. Some examples of life challenges that can be helped through life coaching include:

Adjustment Difficulties to Life Changes

The Double Whammy

Financial Difficulties

Toxic Work Environments

Parenting Skills Training

Executive Coaching

Executive coaching aims at helping successful leaders improve their leadership and management skills in the workplace. It also assists leaders in re-envisioning their role and consider alternative strategies in enhancing human and team performance through Communication Enhancement, Conflict Resolution, Decision Making & Problem Solving, Job Stress & Workload Management, Team Building and Stress Management.

Communication Skills Training

Assertiveness Training

Stress Management

Time Management Skills

Work-Life Harmony

Women’s Empowerment

Good mental health is a critical component to women’s overall health. Women play many roles in life, and continue to face disparities related to various quality of life indicators. Being able to recognize and effectively manage the many stressors that women face in daily life is important to self-care, and in strengthening their ability to enjoy positive relationships with others, at home, at work, and socially.

Empowering women to fully participate throughout all levels of our social, civic, economic, and political life sectors is necessary in achieving stronger economies, improving the quality of life for our families and communities, and promoting and sustaining more just societies.

Our professionals can help women strengthen as well as develop a variety of skills to effectively manage the various roles they play, realizing a more fulfilling and rewarding life. Through a variety of services, including self-confidence, self-respect, leadership skills, communication strategies, and relationship management, women will be able to strengthen and develop the skills and tools in the realization of their full potential.

All services are offered in English and Spanish. This does not constitute an all-inclusive list of challenges that can be addressed and effectively dealt with through relationship counseling and coaching services. Most services may be offered via telephone or Skype. Please call us for more information.



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Diverse/Ethnic/Racial Backgrounds

Additional Services

Seminars and Workshops
Leadership Training and Development
Women’s Empowerment Training
Career Counseling

Drs. Albizu and Rodriguez also offer business and educational consulting services. To learn more, please visit  www.rapinnaclegroup.com.


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